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coupon service for chain stores
professional wholesale trade METRO


  • strategy
  • user experience
  • engineering
  • optimization
  • content


  • e-commerce

Our collaboration with Metro is divided into categories:


Supplier: helps the business in resolving the issue with suppliers, giving the opportunity to submit an online application with a catalog of products or services offered, thanks to this service, Metro can choose reliable business partners for itself and develop its business successfully.


Registrator: helps users of different segments to get a branded Metro card. Registration takes place online with a well-thought-out user story.

Create a community for existing METRO customers, where they will find a huge selection of discounts, promotions and special offers.

When creating the service, we started from the design of projects that were created earlier, from references of similar foreign services. We successfully implemented the tasks set by the client and created a cozy, kind community of metro clients with a convenient, intuitive interface.

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