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We’ve created a unique and simple dynamic logo that can be changes and used through vast major of communication points while preserving it’s unique messge and identity



Movie theater is a special place where people are involved into the boundless world of cinema. This world gives us emotions that are probably not available in daily life. To present the whole palette of emotions, which we get from movies, in the corporate style, we stepped a little further than an ordinary development of a logo and offered our comprehensive vision of the brand. We chose two planets as the main symbol. They simultaneously represent the infinity of space and the complete system of two essences that are inextricably linked with each other.



On the problem formulation stage we realized that the Client is fairly happy with the metaphor of the old logo, which includes a planet and a film flapper. Based on the principal of consistency our creative team generated many ideas for re-designing the old logo. In parallel, we developed some ideas that were not quite complied with technical requirements but seemed promising to us. After weeks of hard work, only two concepts ‘survived’ and we presented them to the Client.

Proposed concepts

The first version is based on the image of film flapper and space i.e. ensures consistency of the previous logo. The second version became revolutionary. It got rid of the old symbols and shaped into a simple and memorable form.

Version 1
Version 2

The second version opens up limitless prospects in the development and further translation of the brand. This fact could not leave Client indifferent — the second version was chosen.

Dynamism is the basic idea of the new logo. The sign adapts for carriers and mimics motion pictures always remaining unmistakably recognizable due to simplicity of its form.

Basic rules

The sign of «Planeta Kino» represents two circles symbolizing two substances. These substances could be alike or different but attracted to each other.

The most important thing in the sign is the ratio of the planets’ size. The size of the smaller planet is 30-40% of the bigger one.

Creating and assembling the logo book that will consist of rules and opportunities of using the logo. Designers could be guided with it, as we work on the complete brand book.

Logo adaptation

In parallel, to help designers we create branded carriers and additional materials such as sets of patterns, textures, and vector sources, on which branded souvenirs are based.

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